Every year at Sarah’s House, we take time as a staff to celebrate all the girls in our care in a Recognition Ceremony. It is a time to stop, reflect, celebrate one another, and to be inspired together.

There were many dark days before they walked through the doors of the shelter. And even after coming to stay at Sarah’s House there can still be uncertainty, unfamiliarity, and trust that needs to be built day by day. The road towards healing and wholeness can be long.

There are many hope-filled days and there are also hard days in the shelter. Days that include missing home and wanting to give up. In the mist of all the activities sometimes things can get lost in the mundaneness. It can be easy for girls to miss the progress they have made over the last year.

So, we stop. We recognize. And we celebrate. We welcome new girls into the family and celebrate milestones of those who have been there longer. There is of course always singing, dancing, laughing, and lots of good food. It’s a day to celebrate just exactly who they are and to cheer them to keep on going.

It’s a day set aside to say, we love you.
We are so glad you are here.
Your presence is celebrated.
We are so proud of your perseverance.
We believe the best is yet to come.

It’s not enough for her to simply survive. It’s our goal to see her healed and restored. We are cheering her on as she learns to smile again, laugh again, dream again, and see her immeasurable worth and value. It’s why we come to work every day. She is worth everything we have.

Are you looking for a tangible way to help children who have been trafficked? You can support the brave girls in our care by becoming a survivor sponsor. Be her advocate and encourager as she takes on the challenge of healing from the past and rediscovering her future.

Thank you for celebrating her with us.


Keren Baldwin
Associate Director of Operations

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