Fathers Day Reflections, June 2023

Over the 36 years I spent as a pediatrician, I have learned the enormous value of a father in the lives of his children. Even so, it has been my[…]

Compassion First Indonesia Renews MOU with North Sulawesi Law Enforcement

News for you from Indonesia! Read on to learn more from Compassion First president Mike Mercer:  “It seems like a small detail, but it was actually momentous. Last week Compassion[…]

Sarah’s House Received a Personal Visit from the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister of Indonesia

The girls and staff at Sarah’s House were honored to receive a personal visit on November 18 from Bintang Puspayoga, the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister (MoWECP) of Indonesia.[…]

An Easter Letter

Easter Greetings from Jakarta! I just walked through what will be the next aftercare facility that will come online for Compassion First in Indonesia. It’s fitting that we are considering[…]

An Open Letter to the Women of Compassion First

When I held my oldest daughter for the first time, I thought: “I could be the father of only girls.” And that was a welcome thought. In the manner that[…]

Going Back to Indonesia

Disorienting and put in order. That’s how the 17 months of physical separation from my friends in Indonesia has felt to me. I’ve missed them, but not more than I’ve[…]

A Day of Celebration at Sarah’s House

Every year at Sarah’s House, we take time as a staff to celebrate all the girls in our care in a Recognition Ceremony. It is a time to stop, reflect,[…]

Progress Towards Full Operations in Bali

We’ve been talking about Bali a lot lately. It’s our next place of expansion – and a place we would already be working except for hard shutdowns due to Covid-19.[…]

Doing the Impossible With You

2020 has brought opportunity for new depths of resilience discovery in all of us. I’m not sure challenges make us stronger as much as awaken dormant strength that’s already there. Every[…]

Isaiah 45

And I will give you treasure hidden in the darkness- secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the[…]

Five Reasons to Spread the Love this Valentines Day

Spread the Love Today   1. Show your significant other that love is about more than chocolate and flowers.   2. Teach your kids that we all have so much[…]

Made Known

Knock, knock, knock. The innkeeper opens the door. With a downcast face and a shake of his head he answers the desperate plea of the young couple. “Sorry, there is no[…]