Child trafficking is one of the most difficult crimes to investigate. To reduce the number of girls sold into the sex trade, Indonesia must increase its capacity and expertise to investigate and prosecute human trafficking crimes.

Compassion First (CF) is committed to providing needed resources for rescues and investigation through strategic collaboration with local law enforcement. We do this through case managed intervention support.

What Does Case Managed Intervention Support Look Like?

After identifying a girl who is being trafficked, the local police reach out to CF staff in Indonesia. Our staff puts together a portfolio of the funding and resources needed in order for the police to carry out her rescue. We also immediately start working with the girl’s family while the police carries out her rescue.

Afterwards, our staff provides a child forensic interview and works with the law enforcement officers to help support their investigation and prosecution of her trafficker. Lastly, we help the police decided what the right next step is for the rescued girl, which is often an intake into a CF Aftercare Shelter.


In 2021, we entered into an operational partnership with Love Justice International (LJI) to start a Transit Monitoring Pilot Project in North Sulawesi. LJI successfully works in the specific niche of border and transit monitoring, which involves embedding our CF staff within ferry ports, airports, and border authorities to watch for red flags in the crowds and intercept suspicious persons. Transit Monitoring stops the trafficker before they are able to take a girl from her home island to a place of exploitation.

Some intercepts lead to arrests of traffickers; all result in girls being returned to their homes before getting on a boat to a life that she never asked for. In doing so, it puts a choke on the lowest-cost method of transit for traffickers and, for every intercept, creates a different outcome for what would have been a tragic story. 

We are so excited about this new lane of work. We are working on expansions within North Sulawesi and along other pipelines throughout the country. 


Your partnership in this work will help CF to nurture collaborative working relationships with local and government officials in order to facilitate successful intercepts, rescues, investigations, and prosecutions of trafficking crimes.

By supporting our strategic collaboration with law enforcement, you will both protect girls from exploitation and provide those who have been exploited with rescue and restoration.

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