Compassion First is a Christian relief and development organization that provides end-to-end, personalized care to those rescued from or at risk of sex trafficking and exploitation in Indonesia. We do this in four ways:

Personalized, Trauma-Informed Care (Learn More)
We provide personalized care for child survivors of sex trafficking, building resilience to overcome trauma through education, medical care, counseling, & life-skills training.

Legal Advocacy (Learn More)
When girls in our care are asked to testify against their trafficker, we provide a legal team and staff to advocate for her in a safe court environment.

Strategic Collaboration with Law Enforcement (Learn More)
We collaborate with local law enforcement by providing funding for legal rescues and case management for police, families, and rescued girls.

Prevention through Community Development (Learn More)
Through educational sponsorships, entrepreneurial opportunities, and community classes, we prevent vulnerable children from being trafficked.

Indonesia is the 4th most populous country and largest archipelago in the world. It takes about 12 hours to fly from one end of the country to the other. Girls are often trafficked from island to island and local law enforcement has limited resources to stop it. Compassion First is a leader in providing providing holistic, long-term, hope-filled trafficking solutions throughout the nation of Indonesia.

Join a community of advocates, united in the mission to empower survivors of sex trafficking in Indonesia.

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