Most girls that come into our care will be called to testify against their traffickers in court. This is a stressful and scary situation for each girl, and we do everything we possibly can to keep her safe and comforted. 

We have negotiated closed courts for the girls in our care. This means that when a girl gives her testimony she does not have to be in the same room as her trafficker. 

We fund a legal team for her and assist her in preparing her testimony. We also assign a dedicated staff member to walk alongside and advocate for her the whole time, even sitting next to her as she gives her testimony. And throughout the whole process we provide security protection to keep her safe. 


Your support of this work will result in the encouragement and protection of girls as they testify against the traffickers who exploited them. This is a significant step in her journey after being rescued. By providing her with the support she needs, you will empower her to face this challenge feeling confident, strong, and resilient. 




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