June 17th, 2021

Going Back to Indonesia

Disorienting and put in order. That’s how the 17 months of physical separation from my friends in Indonesia has felt to me. I’ve missed them, but not more than I’ve marveled at all they have endured and accomplished. We’ve seen God in our personal and collective cemeteries even as CF staff adaptively came alongside families in literal ones. 

When back on Indonesian ground, I don’t expect things to be quite the same, nor will they ever be. I hope I’m not the same either. We’ve been through too much to remain unchanged. God is up to something beautiful and new. Ultimately, we want to go with Him there.

Re-engaging a world awakening from its year-long hush feels like treading barefoot on holy ground. It feels like tip-toeing through what once was in search of the right pieces to begin building again. 

As I anticipate returning to Indonesia, I know it’s not the what that matters most, but the who. Is everyone accounted for? Like the gathering up of all your people after a storm to count heads and hold real close, this is our first step. Then we can go from there.

Together, we’ll take inventory of what has survived and determine what we leave behind. We will marvel at what we’ve learned, what’s been re-birthed, and what’s been made brand new.

Hand in hand, we will cry tears from a spectrum of emotions and declare with humble confidence, Jesus, all our hope is found in you. 

Because it is.

Our prayers are with you and your re-engaging, too.



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