April 20th, 2018

A Rescue Fund Update

A couple of weeks ago, I returned from a trip to Indonesia. As I reflect on the work Compassion First has been engaged in, I believe we are making very favorable progress on all fronts in both East Java and North Sulawesi. This trip focused on two key areas; law enforcement relations and the ongoing work with cemetery families.

It is always encouraging when I meet with our law enforcement friends in North Sulawesi. This trip was especially encouraging in that I was able to spend quality time outside of the police station. This allowed for relaxed time together and also a lot more fun. We discussed future trainings and the proposed curriculum that would be presented. Perhaps most important, we further solidified our friendship and reaffirmed our commitment to helping them in any way we can. This partnership is critical and translates directly into children being rescued and brought into care at Sarah’s House.

East Java is an exciting work with many possibilities. Grace House, CF’s new aftercare shelter that is opening soon, will be the first of its kind in a province of 40 million people. The police have asked for our help as they currently have no place to put children rescued out of sex trafficking. Our work with police investigators and leadership is vital if we are to continue building a relationship of trust. That trust must be supported by action and a demonstration that we are a source of support to them and a place of safety for the children rescued out of sexual bondage.

Sgt. Geiger praying for baby Azara and her mother. This precious little one has been struggling to get the nutrients she needs. We are coming alongside the family to see how we can help provide formula and the care Azara and her mother need to thrive.

My meetings with police were important for our ongoing work, however, I must say getting to hold little Azara was the high point. These precious children are the reason we do this work. Azara’s mother asked me if there were any miracles left for her, and then asked if I would pray for her and her daughter. It is always worth our best effort to come alongside these precious families we have come to know and love, and also support the police tasked with protecting them. Once again, I left East Java with the conviction that we must do all we can. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.

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