Our team at Sarah’s House knows that it takes incredible strength and perseverance to journey with us on the road to recovery. It is important for every young woman we serve to know that we recognize each accomplishment, big and small, in her healing process. For this reason, the staff annually dedicate an entire day to celebrate all of the residents’ achievements over the past year. This year, the fifth annual Recognition Ceremony was held in March. Here are a few of the achievements we celebrated:

Ana has consistently been teaching herself dance routines from dance videos since February 2017 and actively participated in all of her classes (both in school and extracurricular activities). Her persistence is shown in her high attendance.

Kristal has been exploring her passions and pursuing her dreams by attending courses outside the shelter, such as extra English lessons, Math, and Chemistry. We value her taking responsibility and gaining more confidence in setting goals.

Icha has been channeling her love for food through baking and making desserts. She has been experimenting and trying out new recipes. Her confidence is growing as she makes delicious food for other residents to enjoy.

Vanessa displayed incredible resilience by taking on the challenge of adjusting to formal schooling in one of the best local private schools in the province. She quickly built a community for herself outside of our care program and is keeping up with her lessons.

We are amazed by Rachel’s persistence and determination to stick with the program, even when life has been hard. This year, she progressed greatly, and is pursuing her passions in athletics, notably tennis and swimming.

This was Saviola’s first ever recognition ceremony! We celebrated her first year with us. From the point of intake, we have loved seeing her grow. Today, she is proudly taking the lead in setting her own goals to learn guitar and English.

We honor Sarry’s strength as she makes choices to plan her future. This year, she graduated from ministry training school and explored college and internship options. She will begin college this fall!

Glory steadily shows increased progress and independence. We recognized her success in university, as she nears the end of her Theology degree program. Glory will be graduating from our program this June!

Glauben plans to begin her English Literature program at a local university this fall! She actively takes the lead in pursuing her interests in dance and English.

Brigit has shown enthusiasm in improving her typing and English skills. In addition to that, she has also been taking baking classes and enjoying them.

For the Girls,

Patricia Larissa, Compassion First Development Coordinator (Indonesia)

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