Over the 36 years I spent as a pediatrician, I have learned the enormous value of a father in the lives of his children. Even so, it has been my observation that many fathers underestimate how important they are. As Billy Graham stated, “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” A father who is able to build a connection with his children is not only forming a positive future for his family today, but he is also providing a role model for the next generation. 

Congrats to all of you fathers! Though you may not always recognize it, your impact on this world is immense!

During my work with Compassion First over the last 15 years, I have become particularly aware of a young girl’s desire and need for a healthy male role model in her life. Most of the survivors of sex trafficking have never been respectfully treated by men, and many were abused by men even before they were trafficked.

Our job at Compassion First is to restore the health and confidence of these girls and to let them know that there is a heavenly Father who loves them. We also want to provide examples of men who have a healthy respect for women, who are stable and strong, and who will show them unconditional love.

The men who work for CF are carefully screened and selected. They work for us because they believe in what we are doing to help these survivors, and they want to be a part of the healing process. I’m honored to introduce you to a few of these incredible men. 

Ops Manager, Sarah’s House, North Sulawesi:

My favorite thing about my work is having the opportunity to educate and coach the girls. I can see God in my work in many ways. There are problems that seem unthinkable, but there is always a way out that is sometimes impossible humanly. Most of the time, I actually feel inadequate as one of the leaders, but I feel that God has enabled me to do my work. 

I want people to know that the girls we serve are not naughty children – they are smart and have the same future as other children. They become survivors because of situations they can’t control.”

Photo: a Sarah’s House Ops Manager patroling the property

Transit Monitor, North Sulawesi:

“Successfully intercepting people who are being trafficked is what I like most about my job. I see how God works through the prayers offered by their family, who are often unaware of their child or sibling’s whereabouts. God answers their prayers through our interceptions. 

I want people to know that each soul is precious in the eyes of God and that people are not products or goods that can be utilized, but rather persons who have value and a noble purpose in the eyes of God. Preventing people from being trafficked changes the direction of a soul.”

Photo: a ferry port where CF Transit Monitors intercept people being trafficked

Community Program Development Supervisor, Yellow Flower and Rose Cemetery Communities, East Java:

“God has given me three keywords in life: working with the marginalized, art, and education. I am able to do all three in community development ministry. God always multiplies my energy in this work. I feel lacking in many things, but God always provides.

There is no more beautiful parable than the parable of the sower. That teaching is what makes me never give up on sowing the seeds of truth, even though unhealthy things also grow around. And now, slowly but surely, we have seen tangible fruits of goodness. In community classes, we strive for two-way communication and enjoyment. By doing so, we learn from and listen to each other, share perspectives, and grow together with joy.

Photo: the Community Development Program Supervisor leading a class in Yellow Flower.

We have recently been delighted by the strong turnout of boys to our Teen Group in the Rose Cemetery Community! Our Teen Group meets bi-monthly to create a safe and positive space to gather, share, and find positive support. During these classes, we’re witnessing teen-age boys rise above the challenges they face.

The reality is that the stronger their community and the more support they have, the less likely these boys are to engage in dangerous behaviors. We are so proud of these young men, and we are committed to helping them strengthen their relationships at home, school, and in their environment to equip them to make positive choices for their futures.”

Photo: boys at the Rose Community teen group doing a project together

These men are making a positive impact on survivors healing from trauma; they are preventing teen girls from being trafficked; and they are supporting vulnerable kids toward growth and safety.

Every time you support Compassion First, you join them in their work. 


Dean Moshofsky, M.D. 

Co-Director of Care

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