June 29th, 2018

2018 Annual Report Letter

Mike Mercer, President/CEO

Greetings from the Compassion First Family.

It is an honor to compile this report for you every year. A year-over-year examination would demonstrate growth and maturity, at least on some level, for every year that we’ve been privileged to produce one. This year is no exception. While we’re realistic that the growth for our new operations is yet under the surface, all we need to do is look at the busting-at-the-seems of ongoing work to know that things will soon be very visible in the newer places.

We bring this note to you mid-year – a little later than normal. While it took us a little extra time to get our final reports back from our CPA, it is also reflective of the fact that we still run a very small office at headquarters with most of the focus of that office being the field we serve.

I find myself talking a lot about our people these days, both here and overseas – what we call our Compassion First Culture. It truly is amazing. And, I can’t explain it much beyond the fact that each person working for us is just that: Truly Amazing. I’m humbled to be a part of something that it seems God is doing as he continues to bring us great people who are specifically called to this work.

It is for them that I want to thank you. Our outcomes tell their own story and are in the pages ahead. What these reports often skip over is the fact that you’ve been helping to employ more than sixty people worldwide. That is sixty families who are contributors to our culture; sixty families who have a just and even improved economic situation because you pay them fairly – even well; sixty people who know about you and they are as thankful as I am for your willingness to come alongside us as we pick up this difficult, challenging, and rewarding work.

We are grateful.

Your friend,


Mike Mercer

President/CEO of Compassion First


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