East Java, Indonesia


Thousands of sarcophagi span more than seventeen acres, and among the graves, you will find some of the most beautiful and precious women and children in the world.

Many are victims of abuse, sexual exploitation, and trafficking. Some are disabled, orphaned, ill, or widowed, and all of their situations are informed by severe poverty. Women here turn to what they see as their only choice, selling themselves for sex. As the daylight fades, they tuck their children into bed and line the rows of sarcophagi offering themselves for as little as 7,000 Indonesian rupiah—approximately $0.75 USD.

The children growing up in this community face incredible vulnerability factors that are nearly impossible to overcome on their own. Deceived by the promise of money and protection, young boys are lured into drug dealing, and young girls are often preyed upon by traffickers within the region.

What began as a flurry of compassion, has grown into a beautiful exchange of love. We operate two community centers on cemetery grounds run by Indonesian staff and volunteers. These buildings are constantly bustling with women and children. Through love and sincere friendship, we are watching hope and life sprout in the lives of these families.

Provide new opportunities for mothers

Our community centers offer a variety of economic empowerment opportunities for women. Cooking, business, sewing, and English classes have taken off! We are amazed at the determination and resilience these incredible mothers possess. Your support allows us to provide these opportunities, and continue to be their cheerleaders, advocates, and friends.

Skills Training

A group of women taking sewing classes successfully launched their own online clothing line called “Ruth’s Collection”.


We offered a micro-loan to Karmila so that she could open a rice shop near the cemetery. The business took off, and she has been working there for the past four years supporting her family.

Sponsor a Child

Our hope is that your sponsorship will convince a child that they are the most important person on this big blue planet—because each one of them is. Sponsorships provide opportunities for many of these kids to attend school for the first time and dream about a future outside of the cemetery. Our top priority is to sponsor the most vulnerable children in this community.

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