In 2007, we learned about something terrible – that thousands of young girls around the world were being bought and sold for sex every day.

Like you, we were horrified, and we had to do something. So we looked at a map and researched countries in need. Some were getting a lot of help, others weren’t. We wanted to go where there was a great need but not much help.

We went to Indonesia. As a nation of islands, thousands of children are easily trafficked from island to island, and the police have limited resources to stop it.

Our goal was to create sustainable change that could empower survivors to rebuild their lives.

So we opened an aftercare shelter for girls that had been trafficked, we hired Indonesian staff, and we developed professional conferences for local law enforcement. Along the way, we started working with at-risk children and set up a sponsorship program to empower families and prevent exploitation.

The trafficking landscape of the nation is changing.

As Compassion First expands, we will always go to the most underserved corners of the world to restore precious children and find sustainable solutions that break cycles of exploitation.

We are privileged to do this work, and we can’t do it without advocates like you. Help us spread freedom, hope, and restoration to children who need it most!

We Provide

Aftercare for survivors

Gives rescued children an opportunity to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams.

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Law Enforcement Partnership

Creates a sustainable model for rescuing children, arresting traffickers, and disrupting trafficking patterns.

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Prevention and Community Building

Empowers the vulnerable and breaks cycles of trafficking and exploitation in communities.

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