It costs about $1,200 for an Indonesian investigator to travel to an island where a child has been taken, conduct the investigation, rescue the child, and fly her home.

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Much has to be accomplished before sexually trafficked children can be located, rescued, and placed in our shelter.

Child trafficking is one of the most difficult crimes to investigate. In order to locate children sold into the sex trade, Indonesian law enforcement must be equipped to recognize the crime and respond in the most effective way possible.

Compassion First seeks to empower Indonesian law enforcement through professional conferences and by partnering with other local authorities to foster a sustainable reduction of trafficking.

“One of the things that I’ve found is that Indonesians are amazingly compassionate people. Their law enforcement is anxious to become better at what they do. They are in need of a lot more resources as we continue to support their efforts to become a more effective anti-trafficking force.”

– Retired Sgt. Mike Geiger, former Supervisor of the Portland Police Bureau’s Human Trafficking Unit and current Director of Compassion First Police Training

Rescues require available funds at a moment’s notice. Indonesian law enforcement, which is responsible for investigating human trafficking crimes, are also responsible for bringing captive children back to their home island. As a nation of islands, children almost always need to be flown home, often from distant islands, adding additional costs to any rescue.

Compassion First has been working to support them in this effort and will continue to do so as long as we have your support.

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