The Compassion First headquarters team in Oregon held five events this fall. In place of one large annual banquet, we introduced the East Java Founders Tour–a series of small events hosted by local church partners. The purpose of the tour was to secure the funding to open a new shelter for child survivors of sex trafficking in East Java, Indonesia.

The tour produced more than we could have ever asked or imagined. The past couple of months have left us in sheer awe of the individuals who make this work a reality.

Pastors and church communities came forward to embrace this endeavor as their own. They took ownership in recognizing that the doors of this new shelter need to open soon. Their belief and commitment will forever be the foundation of the East Java shelter.

Volunteers showed up at each venue and worked tirelessly to make every aspect of the evening come to life. Businesses, individuals, and families stepped forward to generously invest in changing the life trajectories of children whom they will never know.


We did not simply identify donors–we discovered an army of advocates standing shoulder to shoulder with us, committed to training police, shutting down trafficking pipelines, and creating the very first safe place for child survivors in East Java. Our eyes were opened wide to this beautiful, generous community who is changing a nation on behalf of vulnerable families.

These events raised 25% of the necessary monthly funding to sustain the new shelter. 375 Founders are still needed before we reach the $25,000/month required. If you are interested in becoming a Founder (a monthly partner), or hosting a tour event at your church or in your home, we would be thrilled to connect.

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Mary Robertson, Associate Director of US Operations

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