It’s not enough for her to simply survive. It’s our goal to see her healed and restored. We are cheering her on as she learns to smile again, laugh again, dream again, and see her immeasurable worth and value. It’s why we come to work every day. She is worth everything we have.

Are you looking for a tangible way to help children who have been trafficked? You can support the brave girls in our care by becoming a survivor sponsor. Be her advocate and encourager as she takes on the challenge of healing from the past and rediscovering her future.

Help us give her the best care possible

Our programs are offered in all-in-one, 24-hour secure care facilities. Our first and primary home is Sarah’s House, a loving and joy-filled home environment in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Our second aftercare home, Grace House, is located in East Java, Indonesia.

Trauma-Informed Counseling

Girls in our care receive trauma-specific counseling from qualified Indonesian staff. Counselors play a vital role in each child’s gradual movement toward healing, resiliency, and health.

Education to Her Highest Potential

Survivors not only have the opportunity to re-engage their education from our licensed education providers, but are also able to pursue graduation and progress to higher education and vocational opportunities.

Interest-based Opportunities

We help each child explore and develop her own unique set of skills and hobbies by partnering with local schools and organizations outside of the facility.

Legal Advocacy

Most survivors in our care will be called to testify against their traffickers in court. We work with law enforcement to keep each child safe and comforted. She is provided with an attorney, and a staff member sits beside her in the witness chair.

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