May 2020 Update

Just over a year ago, the Door to Grace Board of Directors asked Compassion First to take on the sacred task of bringing their operations to a close. In doing so, we took on the stewardship of communicating with their donors, handling their remaining assets, closing down operations, and guiding remaining clients toward meaningful care. Part of this process was a one-year commitment assigning a Compassion First employee to open a faith-based desk at our local partner, Safety Compass. This was in addition to ongoing commitments including a shared employee in Sgt. Mike Geiger (ret.) and partial operational costs for Safety Compass staff.

While our previous commitments remain in place, as of April 30th, our one-year commitment has come to a close. Over the last year, all gifts to Compassion First designated for local work or specifically understood as Door to Grace giving has been given to Safety Compass by means of this role in addition to other financial support. Additionally, as of May 1, Sgt. Geiger has assumed the full-time role of Director of Programs for Safety Compass and their work in Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, and Marion Counties continues in vibrant and vital fashion.

With Sgt. Geiger in place and responsible for the future development of Safety Compass, we wanted to strongly encourage you to directly opt into their communication and outreach. They have ongoing needs and are the most worthy of workers in our cause. At that, they are our only point of referral for local work. 

Here is the form where you can provide your information and become directly connected to Safety Compass. If you would prefer to opt-out of receiving information from us, you can indicate that in the form as well or reach out to us at any time in the future. If not, we are so grateful to have you along as part of our story in our continued overseas work. 

We could not be more thankful for your care and support in this time of transition. Many have been cared for and served over the course of the last year as both of our organizations have continued to grow. 

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2019 Transition

You can read further about the dissolution of Door to Grace in 2019 and their partnership with Compassion First and Safety Compass in the two letters below.

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