In a loving home with caring staff, each girl is provided with:

• Medical care including check-ups, testing, comprehensive dental care, and emergency surgery

• Legal counsel and trial costs

• Counselors and case-coordinators who work with residents, families, and communities; who provide individualized trauma counseling, group sharing, and therapy


• 24-hour residential staffing (3 house moms and 2 security at all times)

• Clothing, hygiene, meals, and healthy snacks

• Housing and utility costs



• In-shelter schooling and rehabilitation including teachers, tutors, a library, and specialized classes from elementary through high school

• Public and private academic costs including tuition, uniforms, books, and testing fees; college tuition for those who pursue higher education

• Enrichment classes including English, music, art, and dance; life-skills program and training; vocational and entrepreneurial support; spiritual support programs

• Athletic, recreational, and community service outings


Sarah’s House is a loving home where she is safe and able to heal, grow, and learn for a season of her life.

We are so proud of each resident and her journey toward health and wholeness.

Research has shown that resilience can overcome trauma and improve optimism, while decreasing anxiety and depression.

Our Indonesian staff receive ongoing training that is trauma-informed and designed to build strength and resilience. Each phase of the aftercare program provides specific resilience building targets for each girl and is implemented throughout all levels of our program.

Compassion First utilizes a wrap-around model of care in which each girl is placed at the center of her program.

She is mentored by her case coordinator, who provides guidance, wisdom and support. Together, they set specific goals and monitor her progress as she plans for the future.


The average monthly cost of running Sarah’s House is $25,000. We’re banding together a team of committed advocates to help us underwrite this ongoing operation. We need 500 sponsors giving $50/month to be fully funded.

Monthly sponsorships collectively serve all of the young survivors in our care, rather than being allocated to one specific girl. Future updates and reports will feature stories of children who call our shelters home, so we can celebrate each survivor together.

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