Eka, Febri’s mom and her husband, Agus used to lived in Malang. Then they found there was no reason to live together anymore, so Eka went back to Surabaya. Practically, Febri has been living without a figure of a father since he was still 5 months old. When Febri was 6 months old, Eka found[…]


Three-year-old Fira loves life with her mother and siblings. Fira is the youngest sibling in a family of three. Dedek, Fira, and Asiya live with their mother who is very involved at the center; it has become a safe and positive place for Fira’s family to play, learn and grow.


A point of peace with a flare for the dramatic, sixteen-year-old Lisa is unique in the best of ways. After just a few days at Sarah’s House, the staff quickly noted her heart for others. She is known for making everyone feel accepted and at ease with her ability to forgive. Although Lisa carries a[…]