She’s a 7th grader with big goals and the determination to get all of them done. She is smart, kind, hard-working, motivated, and likes things clean and orderly. Saviola is excelling in her program and aspires to go to a local high school outside of the Sarah’s House Learning Center. Though she doesn’t know what[…]

Future East Java Resident

Sponsor one of the first residents in our new East Java Shelter (Opening in 2018).

Future East Java Resident

Sponsor one of the first residents in our new East Java Shelter (Opening in 2018).

Future East Java Resident

Sponsor one of the first residents in our new East Java Shelter (Opening in 2018).


Full bio coming soon…


Full bio coming soon…


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Yoga has been a part of the center since its beginning, and the growth we have seen in him is very exciting. Yoga has a huge heart and is extremely caring, which is evident from the way that he loves his family and friends so well. He is an excellent student, and while Yoga may[…]


At first the staff at the center thought Wiwik was shy and quiet, but they soon learned that was not the case! Wiwik is full of laughter, always cheerful, and is the life of every party. Wiwik’s teachers say she is a great student and a joy to have in the classroom. At her high[…]



Stevany has recently been able to enroll in a vocational senior high school, majoring in accounting. She studied hard to pass her exams and we are celebrating her accomplishments! Stevany comes to the center for extra math lessons, and she loves to have fun with her friends at the Capoeira classes. Stevany is growing more[…]


Rizky is very ambitious and comes to the center almost every day to take extra classes to advance to the junior high level. We admire his determination to finish his elementary studies! Rizky is eager to join almost every activity at the center, like the cooking classes, movie nights and art classes. One time he[…]


The staff at the center have seen Rico grow into a bright and skilled young man. He has the drive to put his projects into reality, and he created an amazing hydroponics gardening project and a fish pond! He is extremely responsible and driven, and because of his hard work, Rico was recently accepted into[…]



Nanda lives in the cemetery with her grandmother, aunt, and her cousins. She is positive and motivated to go to school and study hard. This last year she took her tests and received the scores necessary to enroll in public junior high school, which was an amazing accomplishment! After school, Nanda enjoys coming to spend[…]


Latifa is two years old and not yet able to go to school, but she comes to the center every day. When Latifa first came to the center, she was extremely quiet and rarely ever talked, but her confidence has grown and now she even sings! Her personality is starting to shine through and we[…]


Lindu is Brayen’s older brother, both of whom are being raised by their aunt due to the recent passing of their mother. Lindu is also a music lover and plays the ukelele.


Jingga is entering the 4th grade, and she loves to dance. Since Jingga has been coming to the center, she has been continuously stepping out of her comfort zone and becoming more confident in herself. Coming to the center almost every day to study, Jingga’s hard work is starting to pay off and we have[…]


Kiki has big dreams to become a psychologist, and can often be found helping the younger kids, many of whom look to Kiki as a big sister. She is a natural leader. Kiki is very talented and driven in her school work, and she has won several competitions at her school. Last year, she auditioned[…]


Ikhsan is in the 10th grade and loves to play sports. Ikhsan is attending a vocational senior high school this year, majoring in vehicular engineering. His quiet, tender spirit is a strength that makes him a great student and friend. He is often found with a smile on his face and he is full of[…]


Fandi is going to elementary school this year. He is the younger brother of Dila, and is known for his delightful and spirited demeanor. He’s often full of funny comments when he comes to the center, making everybody around him laugh. Fandi is very excited to be going to elementary school this year. His mother[…]


Elin is a little girl who loves to color. She is only four years old but has already started kindergarten, she is even beginning to pick up English and spelling. Elin is in the stages of her early childhood development and has a wonderfully active mind, and she loves expressing her creativity on paper.


Dimas is a seven-year-old boy who loves to play and adventure. He wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Dimas is attentive and motivated in his lessons, and we are willing to do whatever we can to help him continue his education. We believe he has a wonderful future ahead of him.


Dila is a 12-year-old girl who loves to dance. Dila lives with her parents and her younger brother, Fandi. Around the neighborhood and at the cemetery, Dila is considered to be very kind, and is caring and attentive to the needs of the younger children, especially in the dance classes that she loves to help[…]


Dedek is a four-year-old boy who has found fun in the center. Dedek and his two siblings live with their mother. The center has become a safe and positive place for Dedek and his family to play, learn and grow. We are blessed to be able to be a part of his story and are[…]


13-year-old Dian is friendly and kind. Dian lives with her father, mother, and her four siblings. Previously, Dian was a very shy girl who did not show much interest in school. However, after a few months of studying at her new school, she has become cheerful, interested in her studies, and is motivated! One of[…]


Bintang is a 12-year-old boy who loves volleyball. Bintang is impressively confident and independent. He’s very athletic and excels in three sports; futsal, volleyball, and karate. His amazing talent helped to lead his volleyball team to the semifinals at a recent tournament! He has an inquisitive nature and loves to ask questions and think critically.[…]


Six-year-old Brayen is independent and strong. Though he is only six years old, Brayen already shows his independent nature and strong-will, which we know will help him be resilient in the face of adversary. Brayen is still quite young, but when he comes to the shelter, our staff encourage him to develop healthy patterns for[…]


Andre lives with his parents and younger sister and attends a special school in East Java for children with a variety of learning differences. Although Andre has faced challenges in school, we are incredibly proud of his hard work and determination and we love seeing how Andre has been improving, especially in his math classes.[…]


Asiya was one of the first kids in our sponsorship program! The staff began offering her and some of her peers tutoring before we even had a space, conducting the lessons at Asiya’s home. At home, she is a wonderful helper, often assisting her mother with cleaning and babysitting her younger siblings. At the shelter,[…]


Aldo is a 12-year-old boy who wants to be a teacher. He loves spending his afternoons at the center playing soccer with his friends and our staff. He is extremely talented in both sports and music, and he was even selected to compete in the National Championship of Capoeira this past year! He also plays[…]


She is unique in the most beautiful of ways, from her love of rock and roll to her individual sense of style. Sarry also credits every victory and talent to Jesus. It is her heart’s desire to share Him with the world, contributing to her dream of being a pastor. She is actively working towards[…]


In school, she leads her class in nearly every subject area, and goes above and beyond by taking additional courses with our staff. Vanessa has also enthusiastically embraced the counseling and personal healing program offered within Sarah’s House. Such success in this area has her dreaming of becoming a psychologist, as she desires to share[…]


She is currently working alongside Compassion First educators in obtaining her elementary school certificate. Now in sixth grade, Rachel is enjoying school. Excelling in math and active in English courses, she has chosen to thrive in the midst of adversity. Whether she is inspiring others as she fights for her goals, or is just spending[…]


Icha is motivated in school and strives for more than just meeting standards. The progress Icha has made in her studies as she tries to catch up in her education is inspiring. She goes above and beyond to excel in her favorite subject, English, by taking extra tutoring sessions and speaking the language as much[…]


Though she may not be the first to open up and share her feelings, once she does, you’ll have a forever friend. Kristal is working very hard to pass the Jr. High National Exams, which will allow her to begin her high school education. Kristal was born with a sense of curiosity, and she longs[…]


A natural learner, she excels in everything from english and math to music and fitness classes. Glauben dreams of becoming a teacher, which comes at no surprise given her peacemaking, understanding, and compassionate nature. In her free time, Glauben is often spotted gardening or learning a new song on the guitar and filling the house[…]


Prior to entering Sarah’s House, Glory earned her high school diploma with a certificate from an accounting program. As an achiever, she didn’t let her education stop there. She decided to pursue a degree in Theology from a local Bible college, and put in the work to make it happen!  She truly is a role[…]


Always eager to learn, she is proactive in seeking out relationships and mentors that she can grow from. Her responsibility and commitment to her goals has helped her to be extremely diligent in her studies and in following through with her schedule. In her downtime, Brigit enjoys playing guitar and working on her singing skills,[…]


She is the life of every party, and likes to be continuously active by participating in a variety of outdoor sports and swimming classes. Ana has a teachable heart and hard working nature, and she dreams of becoming a police officer. She is now studying for the Indonesian National Elementary Exam, and passing this test[…]