Sample Invitation Letter / Email

Need help getting started with writing or emailing your friends to invite them to sponsor your Sponsor Advocate child? Here’s a template to get you started!

Sample Invitation Letter: 

Dear [Friend],

I am currently working with a nonprofit called Compassion First and I am so excited to invite you to join me in supporting them!

Compassion First provides long-term, hope-filled solutions for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. They work primarily with young girls who have been rescued from the sex-trafficking industry in Indonesia.

I am writing to invite you to join me in supporting the recovery of one of those girls! Her name is [child’s name here] and I have signed to be her Child Sponsor Advocate.

That means, I have the privilege of finding 14 other people, just like you, to join me in giving $45/month to provide around the clock, holistic care and support for her recovery.

I can say with confidence that Compassion First is making a very real difference in [Child’s name]’s life.

Would you consider joining my Child Advocate Circle by sponsoring her for $45/month?

You can set up your monthly recurring gift here: [link to child’s page on CF’s website]

If you have questions or would like to learn more, just let me know!


Your Name Here

Sample Social Media Posts

Example #1

Join me in supporting the healing and restoration of [Name], a precious and resilient survivor of child trafficking:

Example #2

I just signed up to be an advocate for [name]! She is beautiful, amazing, and resilient; her future is limitless. Healing from the trauma of child sex trafficking is a difficult journey, and she needs a team to come alongside and support her. Would you consider joining her team with me and giving $45/month?



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