July 25th, 2017

She’s Twelve

Most of the day today has been spent assisting with a rescue in East Java. She’s twelve. I found myself saying this throughout the evening tonight. I just couldn’t believe it. It is a girl who we know. She’s from the cemetery community. She has been away from home for about a year. Last night, she was picked up in a sweep by police and we were called to help.

Not a lot shocks me. I suppose I’m hardened a little. Or softened, maybe. I don’t relate to any of the girls in our care as victims. I see them as strong, resilient, amazing, and just normal kids, but I’m never near the rescue. I don’t normally see the intake process and the early stabilization. I hear the stories of girls thinking they’re in love with their pimps, traffickers, handlers, bosses, whomever; believing they have a future with them, believing they have responsibilities and obligations to get back to, fully believing any number of things that have them not believing anything close to the truth about themselves. However, I usually don’t have a front row seat to those conversations.

The reality confronted me again last night as our staff tried to calm a little girl who was plucked from her “job” that she worked daily from 10pm to 3am. And she’s twelve.

This girl is the third child we know personally who has been trafficked on cemetery grounds. The opening of the East Java shelter has never felt more urgent, and we are so grateful that you have helped carry us to this point. Thank you for coming alongside us to help open this new shelter. We are always humbled and amazed by our Compassion First family.

Together for the Sake of Others,
Mike Mercer, President and Founder of Compassion First

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