Our Loved Ones in Indonesia Need your Prayers

Right now, both cemetery communities we serve AND Grace House are operating within designated black zones. Black zones are regions identified as having the most drastic spike of covid cases and severe deficiency of resources.

It seems everyone knows someone critically ill or that has recently passed away. This pandemic is not going away, and life feels like it’s moving backward for too many of our friends there.

We are asking a lot of questions about how we can stand with Indonesia during this time, and we’ll be sure to share what we learn. We do know we have been invited by God to pray, engage, and to hold stubbornly onto hope. 

Romans 4 says our God brings dead things to life and creates new beginnings from nothingness. There are some things only God can do and we are asking for those things. Then offering our own hands, voices and resources as vessels through which the miracles come.

Will you join us in sending a message of hope to CF staff, communities, and aftercare residents back in lockdown conditions that they are not forgotten or alone? Would you take out your cell phone and record a prayer, scripture or encouraging word we can send along to Indonesia? We want to absolutely flood their screens with hope. You can submit a note and/or video using the form below.

Thank you for caring, praying and staying close. Your friendship in this fiery season is water to scorched ground.

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