A Mother’s Day Story

This Mother’s Day, support Ruth’s Collection, a business threaded together by the hope and strength of mothers in the East Java Cemetery Community. Watch this video to see the journey of one of the mothers who started Ruth’s Collection.

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The Story of Ruth's Collection

Ruth’s Collection is a line of handmade items created by a group of women and teenagers we serve through our Cemetery Outreach. Each beautiful piece is unique and made with traditional high quality Indonesian batik fabric.

Over the past year, a group of four mothers launched a sewing business in the cemetery making skirts, bags, jewelry, and other items made from beautiful, traditional Indonesian batik fabric.

We believe this story is just beginning. A few of the women have been able to fully transition from sex work in the cemetery to this new business venture. We are simply following their lead. With the help of a volunteer at our centers in East Java, they have licensed their business, and are able to sell these items online and in local retail shops.

A group of teenagers have also been learning sewing and binding skills with the women and are putting together beautiful batik journals. They are learning entrepreneurial skills and money management, but most importantly, they are building confidence!

Support Ruth's Collection Today and Receive these Handmade Batik Items

$50 – Handmade Batik Pocketbook Journal
$100 – Handmade Batik Full Size Journal
$150 – A Handmade Batik Journal and Makeup Bag Set
$200 or more – A Handmade Batik Wrap Skirt (one size fits all), Handmade Batik Journal, and Handmade Batik Makeup Bag

Handmade Batik Notepad

with a gift of $50

Handmade Batik Full Size Notebook

with a gift of $100

Handmade Batik Notebook and Makeup Bag Set

with a gift of $100

Handmade Batik Wrap Skirt

with a gift of $200

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