August 25th, 2016

Love is at Work

Love. It greets her at the door.

She enters Sarah’s House defeated by insecurities which are often masked by a forced smile, a strife for extreme perfection or rages of anger.

She comes in feeling like a stranger. She thinks her past, her struggles, her hurts are things that no one can relate to, and certainly not accept.

She walks through the front gate burdened by the power of lies.

“I’m not pretty enough.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’ll never achieve anything, so why even try?”

But love is at work.

It acknowledges her insecurities and even celebrates her flaws.

Overtime her fits of anger or conservative mannerisms are transformed into music, sounds of guitars and keyboards. She is taking risks, dominating in dance battles and proudly singing off pitch to her favorite songs. Love brings health. Love brings life. Love turns perceived inadequacies into something beautiful.

She is no longer a stranger but embraced as a sister. Her background is different and her story unique, but the bonds formed here make Sarah’s House a home and new faces, family.

Robbed of years of schooling, she is not only catching up, but enrolling in college and anticipates a bright future. She is chasing dreams and setting expectations of herself. This is because love says, “I know you have fallen a billion times but get up and keep going because I KNOW you can do it.” Love believes in her long before she believes herself. It never stops cheering.

Love has no agenda.

It knows no bounds.

It is less concerned about yesterday than it is excited at possibilities of today.

Love shows up when it is hard or when it’s weary, but it ALWAYS shows up.

It’s every day and it changes everything.

Love never fails.

Written by Compassion First Field Coordinator at Sarah’s House

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