Hi Friend,

Many forecasts predict Indonesia will be hit especially hard with COVID-19 and all the heartache and complications that come with it. Our operations there are on lockdown. Girls and staff are quarantined together at the aftercare shelters while the cemetery community centers are closed.

We would love to send a loud message of love and solidarity to our friends there! Will you help us?

HERE IS THE IDEA: Could you and your family or quarantine buddies make a short video (2 minutes, max.) and/or message for us to pass along as a virtual greeting card to cheer and encourage the ones we all love there?

Be as creative as you want: props, signs, songs, or a sincere greeting or prayer. Attach your video, artwork, or message and we will deliver it for you! Your message of solidarity and love in such an unsettling time will be a sincere encouragement to our friends there.

Your friend,



THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to remind the staff, community, and girls we serve in Indonesia that we are all in this together.

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