February 23rd, 2018

The East Java Shelter Has a Name

One year ago, we had an invitation and a dream to open an aftercare shelter for children rescued from the horrors of sex trafficking in East Java, Indonesia. Fresh from a visit to East Java, I am very encouraged by the progress I see toward this dream becoming reality. We are moving forward on every front and I am humbled by it all.

I arrived at the shelter property and found local contractors barefoot and busy, raising the height of the exterior wall surrounding the house, one new layer of concrete at a time. Inside, the East Java Shelter Director was interviewing a candidate for a house mom position as my team from Dallas, Oregon attacked interior walls with fresh coats of sky blue paint. We are getting ready and we are getting close.

Painting the shelter walls a beautiful sky blue.

We are aware of children currently needing rescue, but without a safe place to take them in, police are hesitant to go for them. It feels like the entire city is waiting and watching. We feel the urgency and are giving our all to move forward.

In a conversation a few months ago, our Executive Director in Indonesia asked if we had a name for the new shelter. She had one:

I believe she was hearing from God. The journey toward the opening of shelter doors has been undeniably guided along by the extreme favor, provision, and kindness of God. We have encountered His grace at every turn and count on it for every step into the future.

I am confident hundreds of children will find healing and refuge at Grace House, but I believe God’s intention for our presence in East Java extends far beyond the sky blue walls. He is offering Himself to a region of the world mostly unaware of his pursuing love and scandalous grace. He rescues the helpless and seeks out the wandering one. God is coming for the children and for the hearts of East Java. He loves them. We do too.

Please pray God brings just the right individuals to fill our staff positions. We need security guards, house moms, teachers, case coordinators, counselors and others. The work is challenging, and we will be the first to establish residential aftercare in East Java. We need compassionate and courageous Indonesian women and men who will carry the heavy weight of this healing work.

Thank you for your friendship and partnership in it all. It is pure joy giving ourselves to God and to this work alongside each of you. Please know every dollar you are giving, and every prayer you are whispering on this side of the planet is being multiplied and springing up grace on the other side.

I can’t believe we get to do this!

Written by: Valerie Bellamy


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