Covers one year of care for a staff member

Staff Impact: The long-term impact of secondary trauma can take a physical, emotional, and mental toll on staff members. Compassion First encourages each department to spend time together quarterly to refresh and renew.

Survivor Impact: When staff members feel supported and cared for, they are less likely to experience burnout and better able to care for survivors’ long-term needs.


Covers one year of development for one staff member

Staff Impact: Compassion First is committed to competency and developing our staff members’ professional education including: trauma-informed care, resiliency, First Aid, advocacy, professional development seminars, staff retreats, and spiritual development.

Survivor Impact: By providing ongoing staff development, we are ensuring the most professional and best possible care for survivors while developing our staff.


Covers one month for one staff member


Staff & Survivor Impact: The model of aftercare within Compassion First’s residential rehabilitation shelters is one of the most successful models available to survivors of child sexual trafficking today. As we serve each survivor according to her specific needs, she progresses steadily toward healing and health. This kind of care involves a team—a network of staff working together to ensure a continuum of care from the moment she enters our shelter to the day she confidently returns to her community.

Our staff makes daily care a reality for the children we love and serve. They come to work every day, not to a job, but rather a calling. They face the daunting task of walking alongside children who have been exploited and trafficked and work hard to help them toward a future of hope.

Daily, they encounter the effects of trauma and respond with compassion. Their names, most people will never know, and their sacrifices, many. They are the face of love to the vulnerable and in many cases, a survivor’s only hope.

It takes a team of committed people walking alongside child survivors of sex trafficking to help them fully heal including counselors, case coordinators, educators, house moms, security personnel, program, and administrative staff.

By caring for a staff member, you make a direct and positive impact in the lives of survivors. This Christmas, will you give the gift of care by joining our staff in providing the best quality aftercare?

Together we can give hope to both our staff and the survivors they care for.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Your friend,

Mike Mercer, President/CEO


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