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Your gift will do more than help one child, one community, or even one region. Your gift can change an entire nation.

We are asking for your help to change the trafficking landscape of Indonesia.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, and has the world’s largest Muslim population. It is made up of over 17,000 islands; this poses a unique set of challenges for law enforcement. Searching for children who have been trafficked to distant islands is extremely difficult and expensive.

This year, we hope to rescue more children than any year before. Compassion First has a unique opportunity to create a sustainable model to rescue and restore child survivors of sex trafficking in Indonesia, but we cannot do it alone. We need you.



Pay for her first night of freedom in a private hotel room


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Start a Fundraiser

 Our Rescue Fund provides resources for two efforts:

Funding Rescue Operations

When a trafficking case is being investigated, a police officer must fly to the island where the child has been taken, conduct a two or three-day investigation, and fly the child back to her home island. Indonesian police units have limited funds to move forward with these costly investigations.

Compassion First supports law enforcement by providing resources to conduct rescues. The total cost of this operation is usually around $1,200. This includes transportation, meals, and hotel rooms for the officer and the child.

Supporting Police

Human trafficking is one of the most difficult and complex crimes to investigate. In order to rescue trafficked children, we need to support Indonesian law enforcement; and they are motivated. They are capable. They are brave. They are compassionate. They have invited us to bring training, resources, and partnership, and we must respond.

Compassion First is committed to facilitating and providing peer-to-peer training that results in rescues of children and accountability for those who exploit.

Help us fund anti-trafficking law enforcement conferences in these strategic regions:

East Java: $30,000

Fund a training in East Java

Bali: $20,000

Fund a training in Bali

Papua: $15,000

Fund a training in Papua

North Sulawesi (Second Round of Training): $15,000

Fund a training in North Sulawesi

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