When you become a Child Advocate for a girl in our aftercare shelter, you become an advocate for her among your family, friends and loved ones. This creates an advocate community of people rallying together to love, pray for and support a survivor of child sex-trafficking and expoitation.

Each Child has what is called a “Child Advocate Circle“. This Child Sponsor Circle is made up of: Child Advocates (2) and Child Sponsors (28).



The role of a Child Advocate:

As a child advocate your goal is to recruit 14 other people to become Child Sponsors. This team will join you in supporting a child in two main ways:

  1. Financial Support: $45/month each sponsor or more
  2. Prayer Support: Committing to praying regularly for your child. The Compassion First staff will provide you with prayer requests specific to each child.

Each child will have 2 Child Advocates + 28 Child Sponsors. Therefore, each Child Advocate has the goal of recruiting 14 Child Sponsors.  Of course, If you would like to you can take on the role of 2 Sponsor Advocates and make it your goal to recruit 28 total sponsors.

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