URGENT NEED: COVID-19 Food Drops in Bali

Indonesia is hurting. Covid is surging there worse than ever before. Vaccines, hospital care, and oxygen masks are limited, and death tolls have recently risen to their highest. The effects of the continuing pandemic on victims of commercial sex trafficking in Indonesia has been uniquely devastating.

Though the streets and beaches of Bali are empty because of Covid lockdown restrictions, the brothels are full of women and children trapped far from their home islands. Food is scarce, and they are hungry.

But we can all help. Through partnership with Indonesia Aid, we are helping provide a week’s worth of food to 300 of these precious individuals. We are doing our best to listen to our friends, understand the needs, and to come alongside in love.

One food drop for 300 women and children costs $1,700. Because of our generous donors, we have been able to fund one food drop already. Would you help us to continue to fund food packages for the beautiful women and children trapped in Bali’s brothels?


Jesus comes for all of us. Who has been forgotten? How far is too far away? He goes there.

We’ve traced trafficking from one Indonesian island to another. It is estimated there are 70,000 children sexually trafficked throughout Indonesia. Many of them are in Bali. We’ve been invited to help find and bring them home. Through partnerships, police round tables, a fully operational presence in Bali, and a team of strategically placed social workers throughout Indonesia, we can build a bridge home with support waiting for her when she gets there.

Your participation in the Bali Expansion will help make this possible.

Let’s bring her home.


Your gift can make it possible for a survivor in Bali to return home. Will you consider allocating your offering to fund one of three critical needs listed below?


April 2021 Bali Expansion Update

“The purpose of this communication is to let you know where we are at in our progress towards full operations in Bali – progress in a time where it seems like very little is progressing. It seems that there is not a place in the world more affected by shutdowns than Bali. The streets are empty, businesses are shuttered, and some say that more than 90 percent of economic opportunity has vanished due to severe travel restrictions. Meanwhile, our friends and staff on the ground say that the brothels are fully populated. Much of this is informed by pure desperation as people continue to migrate to find whatever work they can.” 

Read the Full Update Letter

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