Bring Her Home

Your gift can make it possible for a survivor in Bali to return home. Will you consider allocating your offering to fund one of three critical needs listed below?


Jesus comes for all of us. Who has been forgotten? How far is too far away? He goes there.

We’ve traced trafficking from one Indonesian island to another. It is estimated there are 70,000 children sexually trafficked throughout Indonesia. Many of them are in Bali. We’ve been invited to help find and bring them home. Through partnerships, police round tables, a fully operational presence in Bali, and a team of strategically placed social workers throughout Indonesia, we can build a bridge home with support waiting for her when she gets there.

Your participation in the Bali Expansion will help make this possible.

Let’s bring her home.

Bali Launch: Christmas 2020

Each year we have reached out to our supporters to partner in our Christmas campaign. We have always done so with a heart toward expansion – the birthing of something new. This year, we do the same with plans to fully expand our work into Bali. “Home for Christmas” is not an accidental theme; Bali is the destination end of a pipeline where the majority of all underage girls are being trafficked from East Java, a province where we have worked now for several years. Our task, challenged by an economy of both corruption and demand, is to return girls home.

Read the Full Christmas 2020 Letter

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