An Easter Letter

Easter Greetings from Jakarta! I just walked through what will be the next aftercare facility that will come online for Compassion First in Indonesia. It’s fitting that we are considering her imminent open date as we look toward this Holy Week. The shelter was an unexpected gift but clearly part of a promise and fulfillment[…]

An Open Letter to the Women of Compassion First

When I held my oldest daughter for the first time, I thought: “I could be the father of only girls.” And that was a welcome thought. In the manner that I tend to do, I started daydreaming about the subject at hand and envisioning myself as a “girl-dad.” My heart was warmed, and I was[…]

Going Back to Indonesia

Disorienting and put in order. That’s how the 17 months of physical separation from my friends in Indonesia has felt to me. I’ve missed them, but not more than I’ve marveled at all they have endured and accomplished. We’ve seen God in our personal and collective cemeteries even as CF staff adaptively came alongside families[…]

We’re Dreaming Bigger!

We are so excited to announce that we have already reached our goal of raising $5,000 for the technological needs in our field! Because of you, our staff and girls will have access to new laptops and the equipment needed to run video calls at Sarah’s House. Your generosity has inspired us to dream bigger.[…]

Three Opportunities for You

As Covid-19 and its restrictions moved into the cemetery communities of East Java this past year, the felt presence of God came too. When suffering comes close, God moves in even closer. And it seems, more often than not, he comes dressed in human flesh. Lately, he has come looking a lot like you. Since[…]